Puppy Boot Camp…

For puppies up to 9 months of age

Our puppy boot camp, aka In Home Dog Training, is explicitly geared toward puppy behavior issues. As we all know, most puppies’ energy level is over the roof, uncontrollable, sometimes loud and annoying, but adorable all at the same time. Biting, tantrums, jumping, pooping, chewing, and scratching are normal for puppies, but they can also overwhelm their new owners.

No worries, we will address these issues head-on and first train the puppy to calm down. Along with showing you, the owner, how to train your pup with positive reinforcement, we will also explain the psychology of why they do the things that get them into trouble. Once we discover the reason, training is much easier.

The puppy misbehaves, you correct the puppy gently, the puppy obeys and gets rewarded, and everyone is happy.

Remember, you are raising a dog, not a puppy.

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