Adult Dog Bootcamp

For dogs over 9 months of age

In this one-on-one training, we address barking, jumping, and other issues.

Doggie Boot Camp, aka In Home Dog Training, is designed to take your dog to the next level after he/she has gotten out of the puppy’s so-called ‘terrible twos.’ We work with your dog on a more mature level of training where they learn to calm down in an energy circumstance at home, on walks, at the vet office, in the car, at the dog park, at the pet shop or groomer, and so on.

Many dogs think it’s their job to resource guard the family and the house. This can stress you and your dog tremendously as you try to control the situation. The key here is to allow your dog to notify you when they hear a noise and then let you take over from there.

Once your dog realizes they don’t have to be on call 24/7, they can relax, become your faithful companion, and bring joy to the family.

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