If you have a puppy, please read this article first. My dog food diet is for adult dogs. Use this as a guide for feeding puppies.


****** Here is my recommendation for detox and clean diet for your dog. This will result in each dog’s perfect body weight and muscle mass along with a strong immune system for longevity. Plus little to no health problems. If your dog has been dry food fed, Please do a 2 week detox with my herb tincture drops LCS, It’s my best recommendation to cleanse the organs, the blood and immune system. Tests done after pets were detoxed with these herbs showed clean blood counts that were astonishing. One veterinarian told my client Sheila that her 17yr old kitty, Mina’s blood test came back that of a one year old kitty. And last but not least, I Highly recommend ordering the vitamins Nu-vet to boost the immune system and protect it from deadly diseases.  Please call me if you have any questions.

Dry food kibble contains at least two carcinogens that are caused from the heating process. It also causes dental decay and sticks to the teeth, it contains roadkill including dog and cat meat (meat by products, animal digest, fat, meal, etc.) Canned food is very toxic as well so, the only ones I recommend are 1st Cornicopia and 2nd Organix. Meat in many cases is cheaper than canned.

The First thing I would HIGHLY recommend is a blood and urinary test for pets over 5yrs of age, or for any pet that is having health problems. Then we can look at what organs need help to tackle those issues first and foremost. Have your vet email you a copy so we can go over it.

Recommendation Diet: 75% meat/bone/organ….20% colorful Veggies / 5% fruit

Freeze Dried Foods I recommend: (Primal and Sojo’s) Things have changed, my cats stopped eating the Primal so I had to send it back. The dog Primal I sent back too. So I no longer feel it is supreme food. Our pets know if food is fresh or not.

Sojo’s Turkey Freeze Dried……….Chewy.com or Amazon………..Just add warm water for 15 min before feeding. A 10lb bag of Sojo’s makes 50lbs. Pure meat from your local store is my number one protein verses freeze dried.

Beef is the best for dogs: Raw is best / Locate a place that has grass fed organic. You can also look on line for raw dog diet recipes. Rodney Habib has some good ones and GREAT advice.

Lamb / Chicken / Venison / Bison / pheasant

Tripe: Give 1 tbsp per 30lbs

Organ meat: Liver / Gizzards / Hearts / Giblets / Kidney / Brain

MEATY BONES ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Feet / Backs / Necks / Knuckles / Femers

Add live raw foods (see at bottom), Vitamins, Detox and your pet will have a great chance of a longer healthier life. This has been proven in thousands of pet around the globe. The oldest dog known on this diet lived to be 30 years young in Australia.

For Detox instructions please contact me and I will get you the info you need

WEAN OFF dry food: Either fast your dog for 24 – 48hours first or slowly add in the new diet, very slowly.

Diarrhea: Your dog can have diarrhea if you don’t fast them and switch to quickly. Also only make one meat recipe at a time and besides the greens, only start out with two different veggies and one fruit. This is just incase your dog cannot digest a certain food very well, you can easily do a elimination to find out what food your dog cannot eat. If he is doing well, then add two more veggies next time and another fruit. Remember go slow when adding new veggies and fruits.

Detox: This is VERY important to get the organs cleaned out so they can work correctly and filter toxins out of the body to prevent diseases. It is very inexpensive and easy to administer the tincture drops.

Vitamins: NuVet will BOOST the immune system to keep your pet healthy with vitamins, nutrients, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, etc.

Nuvet…………..you can order at deanimalsaver.com Go to products / Vitamins

1-800-474-7044 If they need a referral# give them 41147

Benefits of Whole Foods:


Live Foods: Feed these foods daily

Raw egg including ½ of the egg shell for Calcium (1 – 2 eggs per week)

Vit A Greens: Spinach / Dandelion!!! (Pre-biotic) / Kale / Collard Greens

Mint leaf / Green beans / Sweet potatoes steamed /

Fruit: Blue Berries and Strawberries (anti-oxidants)

Pre-biotics: Stay in the gut and enhance Pro-biotics

Bananas, Apples, Dandelion greens (Give 2hrs after antibiotics)

Garlic for dogs only 1tsp per 30lbs of body weight

Pro-biotics: Fermented foods are a must for Gut Health and healing

Kimchi or Saurkraut 1 TB per day or 1 TB Apple Cider Vinegar in the bone broth

In the water bowl / Raw goat milk / Kefir unsweetened

Bone Broth: Heals the Gut: Allergies / bacteria



    • Coconut Oil ¼ tsp to start………100 Health Benefits slowly build up to 1 tsp for larger dog




    • Black Seed Oil up to 1 tsp 3 – 4 times a week




    • Phytoplankton: LEAKY GUT Omegas instead of fish oil / Antioxidants / Micronutrients / Minerals / www.bewellbuss.comm=




    • Flaxseed oil instead of Fish oil (fights cancer, heart disease, inflammation, skin & coat, boosts the immune system. Sm dogs ½ tsp daily, med dogs 1 tsp, large dogs 1 tbsp


Rotation Foods: (feed these for a few days or a week and then switch to another one and so on)

Milk Thistle or Dandelion (Heart and Liver)

Tumeric Paste (Cancer)

Pre and Probiotic (Gut Health)

Digestive Enzyme (Gutsense)

Oysters / Muscles

Bone Broth

Note: If your dog has any skin allergies, itching no doubt from vaccine / processed pet food, or medications, do not feed starchy veggies (Sweet potatoes, white potatoes, peas)

Give a digestive enzyme (Gutsense) / Give 1-2 Nu-Vet vitamin wafers/feed lots of antioxidants like berries and chia seeds / Bone broth / essential fatty acids like coconut or hemp oil/seaweed for Iodine and thyroid function / Saurkraut or Kimchi /

Sample Raw and cooked meals:

Beef stew/kale/parsley/cabbage / apple / raw egg & shell/organ meat

Raw chicken with some bone/butternut squash/cabbage stew/wheatgrass

Small pumpkin cooked with a chicken leg/top with strawberries

Lamb stew meat/broccoli stems / banana/mint leaf / organ meat

Beef stew/eggs fried slightly in coconut oil & shell/cabbage / parsley/cucumber peelings / cabbage

Turkey and cabbage cooked together / steamed green beans

Goat meat / cooked quinoa / pea shoots/berries / organ meat

Turkey and cabbage cooked together / steamed green beans

2 raw eggs, including one shell/lamb heart

Chicken or Turkey backs and necks (clean teeth) (skin good fat)


Carbs: ( BREAD, Pizza, Sandwiches, Pasta, Corn, Soy, Wheat)

Corn on cob
Cooked bones
Xylitol  Peanut butter
Macadamia Nuts
Salty Foods

Never Feed your dog Processed dry kibble and canned food except organic canned. Here are some of the Worst and most Toxic

Science Diet / Royal Canin / Purina / Dry food / Ol’Roy / Friskies / Fancy Feast/

Contact DeAnimal Saver for more information Home 720-977-9797

Cell 720-765-2426


Makes 30 meals

1 cup per 20lbs of body weight to maintain weight

Cut food in half to lose 2lbs a month / Feed once a day

Please fast your dogs for at least 24 hours before starting this clean protein diet.

Feed once a day. You don’t need to fast the cats, switch their diet immediately.

I suggest making a double batch if you have dogs over 30 lbs. Freeze in containers.

You can make a batch of beef and a batch of chicken, so they have a variety.

10 lbs of beef raw or 10 lbs of cooked chicken

Organ meat: Gizzards, hearts, kidney, brain, liver

Aloe vera If you buy a fresh leaf. use half after you cut off the outer hard layer

If you buy Organic aloe vera juice, add 30 tablespoons


Hemp oil: Use this with beef and flaxseed oil when you make the chicken.

Hemp benefits: Omega 3,6, 9 Joints, coat, allergies, skin, cancer, heart, inflammation.

Add 7 teaspoons at the end after mixing everything in the batch.


Flaxseed oil if you make the chicken recipe:  Add 15 teaspoons

¼ cup of: kale/spinach / Chard

1 tablespoon or 1 leaf of Basil, Mint, dandelion, cilantro, parsley, Tumeric

Coconut oil 7 tsp

Bone broth ½ cup

Note: Start with two veggies, such as green beans and carrots, and one fruit, such as blueberries.

Green beans ½ cup

Carrots ¾ cup

¼ cup cabbage

Blue Berries ½ cup

Strawberries ½ cup

½ cut up apple peeled

2 raw eggs and crushed up shell  (The shell is pure calcium)

You can also add in bell peppers / cantelope/ watermelon / Brussel sprouts


2 raw eggs and crushed up shell  (The shell is pure calcium)

Be sure to keep your pets on the NuVet Vitamins for life to insure a robust immune system to keep them from getting sick. Dogs love the wafers for a treat and if your dog has tearing problems, the powder works well for this issue. If your dog is sick, give 3 wafers a day for 2 or 3 weeks then two wafers a day for a week, and then the standard 1 wafer per day.

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