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We Help With Barking Biting Jumping Leash Pulling Resource Guarding Dogs!

“The most important thing your dog needs to understand is that you are their leader and provider in almost all areas of their lives. I teach my clients how to lead by educating them.” -DeAnna Lee

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I will lovingly remove your dog’s unwanted behaviors by retraining their thinking, leading to a much more fun, happier, and well-balanced relationship with your dog.


fantastic dog training results...

We got a a dog from the shelter a year ago that quickly grew from 35 lbs to 90 and we didn’t know how to control some of her behaviors. From our very first lesson DeAnna has been able to teach us how to work on behaviors such as dog jumping, nipping, staying in her place and not running away. I wish we had found out about her sooner because the results were truly life changing.
I also have a 8 lb chihuahua and Deanna has been educating us on natural healing during a time when she got a paw injury and educated us on dog food/treats and how to best meet our dogs needs. Thank you so much for all you have done for our family!
– Galina Snook (verified Google review)

Obedience Training

Areas of Expertise

Barking, Biting, Jumping, Leash Pulling, Resource Guarding, and other Behavior Issues.

Dog Trainers Denver CO
Why Is Our Dog Training So Successful?

We use methods focused on the “Pack Leader” approach.

Our Pricing Plan

Choose the best package for your training

I help dog owners create a stronger bond with their dogs based on mutual trust and respect.

You will learn to better communicate with and teach your dog a wide range of essential to advanced cues, and address behavior issues such as barking, jumping, and play biting.

The result is a well-balanced, well-mannered, and well-loved pet!

Any Dog Any Size Any Breed


No matter what breed or size, I will speak with you, and we can then determine if we are a good fit.

Many of my clients contacted me after other dog trainers refused to work with their dogs because of their level of extreme and uncontrollable behavior problems or because other dog training methods failed. Please do not get frustrated and give up hope on your dog without working with me first.

Read my Google verified reviews, and you will see I have saved many dogs for more than 20 years that would have been given to a humane society or put to sleep without my training.

If you searched Google for the phrase dog training Denver CO and found this website you are in the right place.

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